Before and After picture

by J.C. Thompson on April 17, 2014 in Life

Same shirt and hat!

The before picture is from spring 2013. Same shirt and hat. I’ve lost a ton of weight almost 50lbs, have ran 2 mud runs and completed my first Spartan race. I’m excited!! Not only that but I’m wearing medium shirts again and 32″ waist jeans.

If you work at it and find some people to help you, then you can really make a change.

Thanks to my wife Kristen, Spartan Race, The Daniel Plan, Jason Bergeron, and all of my friends and family that have helped me make this change. Excited about the future!

Group Games App

by J.C. Thompson on April 16, 2014 in Youth Ministry

group games app

I saw this on DYM today. It’s seems like a great resource for those of us that have to have game concepts all the time. It’s the Group Games App. It’s for the iPhone and iPad.

Here’s a quick video:

It only costs $1.99 which is an awesome deal.

Here’s the link to download from the app store.

Best app for your ministry right now is….

A goal in my fitness journey

by J.C. Thompson on April 15, 2014 in Life

our team for the mud run last weekend.

So I had a cool moment. I’ve been trying to get in shape, really trying, since last October. The Catalyst? The mud run. It kicked my butt up and down. I’ve always been kind of athletic, but I got totally embarrassed by my fitness level.

This past weekend, I ran the same mud run, only 6 months after the initial mud run.

I crushed it.

I had this cool moment on the monkey bars. These monkey bars are probably about 7ft tall. I couldn’t even jump up to grab them the first time and once I got up there with some help, I could only make it across 4 bars…

This time…

Hopped up there and swung across like a pro. It was intense and just super awesome for me.

It gave me a measuring stick for my fitness. I feel like our ministries need something similar.

We need clear measuring sticks to judge our effectiveness.

What is a measuring stick that you are using to judge your growth? Is it encouraging?

FourFiveSix Conference Thoughts part 4

by J.C. Thompson on April 14, 2014 in Youth Ministry

FourFiveSix Thoughts3

I’ve been recapping my thoughts from the FourFiveSix Conference. You can see all my posts by clicking the #456conf here or at the bottom of the post.

Another thought that was consistently brought up was if we are asking God to be God or asking Him to be our Genie…


Some of the questions that were asked and I found myself asking were…

  • Do you believe that the preteens in your ministry are God’s preteens?
  • Do you believe the ministry is God’s ministry?
  • Are you asking God to be in charge or are you constantly struggling with thoughts of self-reliance, fear, approval from others, etc?
  • Are you asking God to make your list happen or rather asking God to give you the list?

I can honestly say I was challenged by the last session at FourFiveSix. Challenged to continually surrender my ministry to God. So I’m encouraging you as a ministry leader to give up. Give up and rest in God’s accomplishment in your ministry and in your life.

FourFiveSix Conference Thoughts part 3

by J.C. Thompson on April 13, 2014 in Youth Ministry

FourFiveSix Thoughts2

I’ve been recapping my thoughts from the FourFiveSix Conference. You can see all my posts by clicking the #456conf here or at the bottom of the post.

This thought came from Michael Sheley, who is the Junior High Pastor at Mount Pleasant Christian Church, the host of the conference this year.

He just simply said that he asked his parents how they would prefer to be communicated with…

This included:

  • Which method: (email, website, social media, etc.)
  • Frequency: How often would you like to receive communication
  • How should it be delivered?: One long email per week or several short tidbits.

This was so simple, but so good. I plan to put out a quick survey for parents to ask them about their preferred method of communication this year.

How do parents prefer to communicate in your ministry? Any weird tidbits you’d like to share?

FourFiveSix Conference Thoughts part 2

by J.C. Thompson on April 12, 2014 in Youth Ministry

FourFiveSix Thoughts5

I’ve been recapping my thoughts from the FourFiveSix Conference. You can see all my posts by clicking the #456conf here or at the bottom of the post.

Here was another thought:

This thought is another from Heather, she asked us to reconsider the way we ask questions. I will phrase it in this way, Am I asking positive questions or negative questions?

Heather shared a story of a particularly tough preteen that she was dealing with and the conversation that she had with the parents.

Heather phrased her question like this, “How can I help your preteen be more successful?”

I know that I would have asked about the same situation like this in the past, “Why is your kid so crazy?” lol #fail

I encourage you to ask positive questions to encourage people rather than be another discouraging voice in their lives.

So do you have any suggestions or stories on how asking positive questions has benefited you in ministry? Any examples of negative questions biting you in the rear?

Things I’ve learned from Cannon

by J.C. Thompson on April 11, 2014 in Life, Photos

I’ve learned so much from this lil dude about life already.

How to value free time.
How to celebrate the small things by yelling hooray!
Things are better when there is a kiss involved.
Why walk when you can jump and then run.

Love having this guy around.

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FourFiveSix Conference Thoughts

by J.C. Thompson on April 11, 2014 in Youth Ministry

FourFiveSix Thoughts

So after attending the FourFiveSix conference, I’ve got a few thought about ministry that I’ll be sharing over the next week. These were either questions posed in the breakouts or it may be a thought that I’ve had over the time that we were here.

Either way I’d love to get your feedback on these questions to help preteen leaders minister well to the students in their care.

Here’s the first one…

One of the big things that really challenged me personally was this question from Heather Dunn,

“Why do you communicate with parents?” “What is your goal for communicating with them?”

It was a direct question that I’m sure I’ve considered but not really focused on in my ministry. So I thought I would ask you as well,

“Why communicate with parents, what is your goal for communicating with them?”

Working in the car

by J.C. Thompson on April 10, 2014 in Photos, Youth Ministry

I have no internet connection on my iPad but that isn’t stopping me from cranking out some writing.

Excited to share what I learned at the FourFiveSix Preteen Leaders Conference.

Check out the hashtag #456conf for more goodies!

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Thompson Fun in Indianapolis

by J.C. Thompson on April 8, 2014 in Life, Photos

Here’s just a small sampling of the fun that we had today. We don’t get a ton of time or have a ton of money to travel, but we sure do enjoy it!

I love being able to spend time with Kristen!

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