Looking into 2014

magnifying glass


Obviously a few things have changed in my world over the last few months. I wrote about most of them here. So now I’m faced with the question, “What’s going to happen in 2014?”

While there are quite a few things that I can list here that involve my ministry, I thought it would be nice to just post some personal ones.

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My 2013 in Review

kristen and cannon


These two were definitely the highlight of my year!

So it’s nearing the end of another year. It’s been an awesome year. Beginning the year with a ton of energy and ending with even more. A couple of personal highlights.

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Kristen’s Bday

Getting ready to celebrate my lady’s bday! This is the 10th birthday that I’ve celebrated with her. That’s a whole lotta life and love! Happy Birthday Kristen! I love you!!!

It’s on you

it's on you


I don’t know if anyone has told you this lately or not, but the ministry that you lead is your responsibility. The culture, the environment, the people and what you allow are your responsibility.

So get to work.

Quit blaming others.

You are keeping them around.

Take responsibility.

Do something to improve it.

2014 is right around the corner!

Don’t forget, we lead differently, because we lead with the Gospel. But your culture is on you. Make it happen.

It’s on you.

Looking at your ministry, what’s one thing that you need to work on in 2014?

Post it in the comment section.

Christmas and New Beginnings

Thompson Family Christmas

So my family has been just a bit busy. I wanted to give you an update on a few things that have been happening and just wish you and your family an awesome Christmas and New Years celebration.


Job Transition

In November, Jared Patrick, the HS Pastor at Brookwood Church resigned his position at Brookwood to take a position at a church in San Antonio. It was a decision that was good for his family. I was asked to pray about taking on the position. After praying and knowing that we would get to spend a lot of time with the families that we have spent the last 6 years with, we were so excited to accept the position of High School Pastor.

I was also able to select the person that will replace me and Ryan Hendrick was the choice and was leading in our preschool ministry at Brookwood.

I have received a ton of support from all areas of the church both on staff and in our congregation and am excited to build on the foundation that the Patricks have laid in Crave, the high school ministry here at Brookwood.

So until about April or May, I will be training Ryan on all things Switch and I will also be leading our High School ministry. It has been crazy and will continue to be, but I’m so excited for what God has in store for the students at Brookwood!

March of 2014 will mark my 6th year at Brookwood which is quadruple the average time a Youth Pastor stays at a church!! I’m so thankful to be at a place that Loves God and Loves People!

Infuse Coaching Program

I’ve also been involved in a coaching program put on by Jim Wideman. I’ve had the privilege of listening and asking questions of Bro. Jim for a few years. It has caused me to grow as a leader in ways that I don’t know were possible. I’m accomplishing more than I could have ever thought and my margin for getting things done seems to continually be growing.

I’m investing way more into others and my ministry and my leadership has grown as a result. I highly encourage you to get involved in a coaching program that will challenge you to grow more than any conference ever could. Bro. Jim is an incredible coach and has a heart for investing into other leaders. Infuse is something that you should definitely check out.

Things I’m working on

Just wanted you to know where my brain is and some posts that you can expect to see from me in the coming weeks…

  • Training my replacement (fun, eye opening, and scary)
  • Strategy, Structure, and Simplicity in Student Ministry
  • Using the change in your pocket… to make change
  • Innovation

I’m thinking through a ton of things and am just so excited for the opportunities that God has placed in front of my family. We are pumped to see what God is gonna do!

Please pray that Jesus is lifted up and that God will send us some incredible leaders that love Jesus and students!!


I’ve got a million and a half things and people and experiences to be thankful.
This guy and all the stuff that I’m learning about God’s love for me is a big one. Continue having a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Don’t Believe Your Own Hype

Sometimes we get so engulfed in our own story we miss The Story in which we are involved. By God’s grace you are where you are. You don’t deserve it, you don’t deserve to stay there. Be blessed and rest in God’s favor and Jesus’ finished work.
Don’t believe your own Hype.