Hey, Thanks for visiting my website.

My name is J.C. I’m married to my incredible wife Kristen, and have a son named Cannon and a dog named Rico Suave. I’m the High School Pastor at Brookwood Church in Simpsonville, SC. I’ve been working at Brookwood since 2008.

Disclaimer: Even though I work for Brookwood Church, these thoughts are my own and they contain my own opinions and not necessarily the view of Brookwood Church.

I write this blog to give encouragement and challenge to those that lead students. My hope is that we can transform the lives of students and that they in turn change the world.

Here is my beautiful wife and myself

Before I was the High School Pastor at Brookwood, I was the 5th & 6th grade pastor. I think being successful in high school ministry starts in Children’s Ministry and a lot of my posts will reflect that.

I think everyone should be considering starting a preteen ministry and have some strong thoughts why you should and I want to authentically show you how to do it. I love using technology to help us do ministry.

I post on twitter. You could probably guess my twitter tag is jcisonline. I’ve blogged at the Orange Conference for their blogger’s lounge and am living at the top of the mountain right now.  I love reading good books, sports, video games, blogging, technology, and marketing.

If you are looking for a place to help resource your ministry then my friend you are at the right place. I pride myself on knowing what’s going on in children’s/preteen ministry and can generally point you in the direction you need to go. I hope you enjoy what you see hear and would love for you to subscribe to my blog.


Here are a couple of my most popular posts:

Short Bio

I graduated in 2007 from the University of Memphis with a degree in Marketing. I finished school early and quit my job responding to God’s call to move to Greenville, SC to marry the woman of my dreams and pursue more schooling to prepare for an eventual job in ministry. After a pretty fruitless search and some long conversations with God, He let me know that He was in control and that I could trust him.

After that conversation, I had lunch with a dear friend named, Josh Bradley that I was staying with at Wild Wing Cafe and met with the Children’s Pastor at Brookwood Church. He was telling us that they were searching for someone that could be on stage, do some graphic design and video work, and was teachable. I filled out that description nicely and ended up being offered the job at Brookwood as the Elementary Production Director.

2 years later, our family pastor Mike Hepola had an idea about starting a 5th and 6th grade ministry at Brookwood and asked me to consider spearheading it. I gladly accepted and have been pastoring preteens for the last 2 years.

3 years after that I was named the High School Pastor at Brookwood Church.

A few years ago, I led a breakout on “How to Make the Most of your Tweens” at the Orange Conference in Atlanta, GA and have a blogging relationship with their organization.