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Posting to Instagram from your Desktop

So I’ve been looking for a solution to post and manage an Instagram profile from a desktop computer. 

This is pretty much the best thing that I’ve found. 

Latergramme is that solution.

You can schedule posts with pre-edited photos from your computer and they will sync to your device.

The process isn’t without issues. 

  • You have to be logged into the correct account on your Instagram account before the scheduled time.
  • You have to download the latergramme app for your phone.

But all in all, it’s been a great solution so far. Hoping for a Hootsuite type integration for Instagram soon.

What does your process look like for posting to Instagram for your ministry?

Change message at Brookwood Church

I was recently given the opportunity to speak to adults at Brookwood. We are going thru the book of Philippians.


Here’s the video:




The end of the tape

So apparently cassette adapters have an end. Who knew?

Made me think about the brevity of life this morning.

Lord, teach me to number my days, that I may gain a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90:12

Didn’t expect it. Didn’t know it was possible. This time I had a fix. Maybe not next time.

Make the most of the time that you have!

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Mini Blog Vacation

So I haven’t blogged in a long while, but I’m writing more than ever. I’ve been away on a mission trip in Peru and have had a great time of reflection. 

Couple things I’ll mention as a challenge to you before sharing some new plans with you.

1. Disconnect

I turned off my phone for 6 straight days while I was gone. It was the most reflection I’ve done on my own life for a long time and it increased the amount that I missed my family. 

Couldn’t check out what they were doing or hear from them everyday.

We actually had to share what we did during the week rather than just check the news feed and it was awesome!

2. Write

I miss writing for myself. Not that I don’t love writing this blog, but my love for writing started with journaling my life for my consumption. 

I miss that. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have the time for both. But it increased my desire to journal and not share it with the world. 

So I really challenge you, disconnect. If that doesn’t make sense for your regular lifestyle, then schedule an international trip or vacation and force it to happen.

Write, write and write some more. It’s the best therapy that I’ve ever had and nothing makes me feel more comfortable with myself.

Looking forward to sharing more about what’s ahead!! 

Move Series

This week we started a new series in Crave. It’s entitled MOVE from XP3. It’s a series about serving others. 

We had a great start to the series last night.

Really cool story. A student came up to me last night that will be going on a misison trip in a couple of weeks. She was so pumped. She shared with me that she had been waiting on this particular trip since she was in 5th grade… Why?

Because her dad leads this trip. She sees pictures, hears stories, and sees her dad serving others every year.

This stuck out to me because I think parents need to remember that children are watching you. If you want your students to develop into people that put others before themselves, then you must model it for them.

This daughter has been waiting to take a step with her dad for more than 5 years! Imagine the amount of anticipation and the things that God has been planning for her for that amount of time.

Parents, this week take some time to model service to others. Mow someone’s grass. Buy dinner for someone. Allow your student to see and participate as you show them what it means to serve others.


We are moving on to Pull-Ups. Pray for us please!!

This dude is growing up fast!

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Pool Day

A little cloudy out today but still a fun day hanging out with the Thompson Tribe.

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Bedtime moments

Love these bedtime moments with our little one.

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Investing in the parents of high school students

father and son

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight cc

One of the cool things about this past week was connecting with families. I’ve only been doing the high school gig for a short time and connecting with parents is so much more difficult than when I was with 5th and 6th graders.

Parents seem to be set in their ways and don’t want to hear or experience help. Some also seem like their relationship with their children is beyond repair. But the community of parents is something that can’t be replicated.

So we have a few things we are gonna try this next year.

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This past Sunday Night, we honored the graduating seniors. It’s incredible that every year I’ve been a part of ministry their have been some incredible students and families that I’ve been able to watch grow and develop into what I believe will be the leaders of the next generation.

One of the things that I talked to them about was the value of relationships.

I was able to show a video of Jared Patrick, the former high school pastor, and was able to share in some celebration with him as he congratulated the seniors on what they have accomplished.

It was great for me to be able to share that you’ve been impacted by someone because God desires for relationships to be meaningful in your life.

So I just want to encourage you as a leader in student ministry. Make those relationships count. Make them stand out.

Invest fully and pour out your life for others.

Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.
Hebrews 10:24-25


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