How do you pull off a Creative Meeting?

I’m trying to spend the last few days of 2012 talking through some systems that can help a lot of people. So I’m going to need your help to answer some questions to help some people that might be struggling through these systems.

For me, creative meetings are really important to develop a sense of team for your programming. I’ve always struggled to find a good structure for these meetings so your feedback is huge.

Here are some things that I’ve heard from others:

1. Weekly schedule

These meetings are a chance to go over the schedule for the week that is upcoming. A chance to go over all the small details of the week including transitions, videos, illustrations, game, worship, etc.

It’s important for us to go over these details every week but I’m just wondering if this meeting is the best place to do that.

2. Creative Planning

For some this is a chance to ask “what if” in order to make services have more POP or WOW. It’s a chance to ask big questions and come out with some really creative ideas to push your point forward.

I’m wondering how far out this is planned and how much say do the people in the meeting have. Do they have the ability to change your message or just creative elements?

3. Planning a long way out

I’ve heard of others that are planning 8 weeks out! That seems crazy awesome! But how do you get to this point?


So in the comments below, outline your creative meetings for us. What’s the purpose? How far out? Who is in the room with you?

Also if you’ve got a system that we should talk about then shoot me an email through my contact page

  • Chris Brank

    Here’s my thought process on creative meetings! In the beginning, I had a scheduled meeting and I’d usually meet with Ryan and Taylor once a week at the same time (only mentioning their names because you know them!)… and sometimes we’d have some cool stuff coming up to talk about and sometimes we wouldn’t! And we all knew when something was coming up….so the meetings when something WASN’T coming up, we all didn’t want to go! And that attitude started affecting the other meetings.

    So now, I call creative meetings for specific things. Taylor and I will grab dinner and discuss 2 or 3 shoots coming up. They’re less frequent, almost ALWAYS over food, and scheduled at seemingly random times. For churches, creative meetings are a little harder, because you’re on a set schedule (you put on a service every Sunday) and every Sunday needs to have different creative elements in it. I feel like that stuff runs through your brain all week…that’s not something that always comes to life in the meeting.

    So maybe a re-branding of meetings is needed… creativity should be running through brains all week and finally placed into the service in a “programming” meeting, where you could take the creativity you’ve come up with INTO the service, not necessarily try to spark creativity on the spot. You could program several weeks out as well. Creative meetings could happen when special services or events or trips are being planned…but mainly as a kick starter for the creative process in people’s brains.

    When we have creative meetings, we rarely nail things down. We throw out cool ideas, crazy thoughts, “what if we could do this”, watch Youtube videos of stuff we’ve seen, do a little a research, then we’re off. The decision process comes later for us! :D