dear jesus picture


I sometimes wonder what we would ask Jesus for if He were right in front of us. Would it be more money or time? Would it be perspective or wisdom? How would we finish the statement

Dear Jesus…

For me, besides the personal and for my family I have some Dear Jesus requests for Switch, our 5th and 6th grade ministry. I enjoy putting my goals out there because it keeps me accountable. But I can’t wait to see how Jesus hooks us up this year.

Here they are, Dear Jesus:

1. Point me to a kid that I can invest into my time, money and resources

Dear Jesus,

Cannon, my son, is my priority, but who is another 5th and 6th grader that could use my family’s investment?

2. Finalize my coordinators

Dear Jesus,

I have a few people that I believe are going to be leaders for our weekend services. We are still putting the bow on the present in order to make it happen. But I can’t wait to see how you use them in the next year. Help me to be diligent in getting them placed and giving them tools and responsibilities to invest in our leaders.

3. An increase in production value

Dear Jesus,

I have some things and projects I need some volunteers to take on. They are bigger than your normal production projects. I would like to see kids be wowed when they come to Switch. We have quite a way to go in order to make this happen. I’m praying that some people would show up at my doorstep willing to invest design – video and graphic, creativity and passion into our programming.

4. Make me a better Pastor

Dear Jesus,

if you could give me opportunities to show others their talents, pray with students that are hurting and challenge parents to take a next step in leading their home in the your ways and then show me how to do those things well and fill in the gaps so they are permanently scarred by my lack of being a good pastor.

5. Movement in our Church

Dear Jesus,

Our church has been making a shift. I pray that people would begin to take action on the things that you are pressing on their hearts. Guide us into completing the India project and allow us to see and experience God more than ever before.


What’s your Dear Jesus list look like this year?