The fear in delegation

picture of hands

So this happened the other day

pastors delegating

I couldn’t help but smile. I would love to hear the story of that one.

First big insight is that they got to my site. I’ve taken a journey in delegating more than I ever have before. Our ministry continues to grow (praise Jesus) and I’m continually amazed at the amount of work that continues to come my way and it will, God willing, continue to do that.

Second is that the body of Christ is called to serve. Love one another (John 13:34) is the creed of a Christ follower. My job is to equip the saints for the service of the Lord. That means delegation and leadership should flow from me like sweat from a youth pastor.

But this is something that I feared before learning and trusting others with delegation. I couldn’t stand the thought of someone thinking that I wasn’t working hard enough (my own issues for certain). But I feared that I would ask my leaders to do more than I can or would and that terrified me.

Even now, I have leaders that do a ton and I carefully think through delegating too much.

But here are a few things at stake if you don’t delegate.

1. You will burn out

Working alone won’t just burn