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I’m out :(

photo-15So I’m totally sad that I didn’t make it through to the second round… But it’s cool, life goes on. NE way keep voting for your faves here for Round 2.  The cheesy was fun for awhile and I’m coming with a bit more meaningful content this week.

But the fun isn’t going to stop for me. So I’m putting my services up for hire. If you want me on your side to promote you on twitter, facebook, and jcisonline.com drop a comment below. If I pick you, I’ll put the full weight of my influence behind you. I’m going to pick one of my commenters and go all out to help them win. It’s time to shine people… I take bribes, humor, and flattery. All those things could totally win my support :)

It’s all in fun (except for the $200 worth of books for a prize) and I wanna help somebody win. I’m just a crazy competitor, what can I say.


  1. Just want to say that you definitely should have gone through to the next round, it's an absolute travesty of justice. I shall be writing to my congressman… although being in Australia I don't have one… but for the sake of justice I will make one up and write to him! All I ask is that you vote for me multiple times from as many different computers as possible :)

  2. I would love for you to help me out. Bring it.

  3. J.C.,

    My brother! I wanted to respond earlier, but I couldn't stop crying over your unjust and premature elimination from the tournament. As a fellow underdog, I felt the pain. No fear though, all that cheesiness was not for nothing. As a fellow underdog facing phenomenal odds (I haven't checked the Vegas odds, but I'm pretty sure I'm about a quadramegagazillion to 1.5 odds to win), I am willing to take up the torch for the downtrodden children's ministry bloggers everywhere!

    In the tradition of your top ten reasons to vote for J.C., I've come up with a shortened list of reasons to advance DAD IN THE MIDDLE out of the east.

    1. I do not have 3,000 plus twitter followers willing to do anything I ask (can we say Sam Luce?)
    2. I am not a nationally know speaker and prolific blogger know by thousands of Kidmin people around the country (ala Gina McClain)
    3. I have not put together and coordinated an international children's ministry conference named after something you would find on a dinner table (vis a vis Justyn Smith)
    4. I am the only one in the Eastern Division not to contribute a chapter to the recent book Collaborate: Family + Church (nor was I asked)
    5. I am not from one of the most populous states in the nation (thought I would steal you Kenny Conley argument even if I'm not in his division).
    6. I do cheesy self-promotion.
    7. I think J.C. rocks.
    8. I clearly don't deserve to be in this group. :)
    9. My top ten lists only have nine items.

    Come on, who's gonna top that?

  4. Hang on, I just figured out #10 – I am the only one from the Eastern Division not in your Children's Ministry blog rool. Cool! I knew I could up with a 10th given enough time!

  5. Here are three reasons why you should endorse my candidacy:

    1. I have never kicked a puppy. I'm not saying that the others have kicked puppies, but I'm totally innocent of ever harming man's best friend. I am a friend of the puppy dog.

    2. I once laughed a joke that Matt McKee told. It wasn't funny, but I laughed anyways. That's what kind of friend I am. I will laugh at unfunny jokes to save a friendship.

    3. Dude, we have the same initials! You have to go with this JC!

  6. Okay, so I had my mom and dad vote. They do read my blog, so it didn't feel totally cheap to have them vote. When telling them to vote for me, I told them to vote for you as well. Bummed you didn't make it to round two. I think if you'd posted more videos with household pets, you could have taken the whole thing. You're coming to Orange, right? Jump on the Kenny Conley bandwagon and I'll buy you a meal while in Atlanta. How's that sound. Plus, I'm practically paired up against the Orange Conference themselves in by bracket. I'm totally the underdog right now. It's a David and Goliath story in the making. What do ya say?

    • Is KC offering a bribe? Seems fishy to me, and I'm not talking about Red Lobster.

      • totally is… But if I could point you to the end of my blog, last sentence of paragraph before last. I take bribes. Shameful, disgusting, nasty, etc. I take them….

        The only question is, can you top his bribe?

        FYI, I like books :)

    • come on Kenny, believing you are the underdog… You got more votes than orangeleaders.com in the first round, however… I've got an idea cooking…

      • Underdog in the sense that I'm just one guy and Orange Leaders is a staff of 40-50 people. Hmmmm, I beat them only because they didn't even know they were in the contest until one day before the first round was over. I'm getting pummeled right now. Help me out… friend.

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