Fall Ministry Kickoff

It’s that time of year for most of us in Family Ministry. Fall Ministry Kickoff!! As students transition back into school, we do our best to create something that will give us a great step into the new year and provide us with a little momentum that will hopefully carry through the fall semester. In our preteen ministry, we had a specific plan for kickoff this year.

When ball meets foot

This year we wanted to reach each group well with the kickoff season. We also wanted to reach our goals for this year. Here are the three areas that we planned for this year.

  1. Parent Meeting for Transitioning Students
  2. Promotion Sunday
  3. Small Group Kickoff

This blog series is designed to help you in planning your fall ministry kickoff and should be used as a resource for you and your team as you think and plan through future kickoff events.

The next few days I’ll walk through what each of these looked like. But for you what did you do for your fall ministry kickoff this year?