Monday Morning Recap

This is something new that I’m going to start and continue throughout the year. The goal of the Monday Morning Recap is to celebrate what worked, tweaked and become aware of things that need to be fixed and also figure out some things that we will try not to do in Tween Ministry ever again :)

Yesterday we didn’t have services at Switch because our Youth Ministry took over the main service from Greeting, Welcome, Worship, and the Message, our Youth Ministry had the service!!

Great opportunity to present the vision of our ministries and also compel parents and families to take a closer look at raising their children.

Jared Patrick who is our Student Pastor at Brookwood and my bossman brought the word.

He talked about “Raising Great Kids” and King Josiah. It was a great message! Here are some highlights.

  • In whose opinion are your kids great?
  • A few characteristics or great kids: The pursue God with passion, They value purity with God more than they value popularity with others, and They believe that the Gospel is the only hope for their generation.
  • You must fight for the heart of our students.
  • Our Prayer is that God would raise up students who will impact their generation, this church, and all nations for the glory of Christ.

Also, Chris Brank, our student worship and production guru, unveiled his brand new song “Move” which will be available on CCLI very soon.

It was such a great day yesterday, We got over 40 response cards that Volunteers were using to gather contact information of those interested in serving in Student Ministry!!! Such an answer to prayer.

How was your Sunday?