My blog turned Orange :)

I'm Orange

In preparation for the Orange Conference, which you absolutely must attend. My blog turned this odd shade of Orange. We will be having a few Orange conversations around here in the coming weeks.


First Orange question:

Is your Preteen Ministry a part of Children’s Ministry or Student Ministry or standalone? Why?

  • Jon

    haha thats cool

    • J.C.

      Orange FTW! Jon who you is? You coming to Orange?

  • @alliswell

    Orange Represent!

    • jcisonline

      O yeah!!

  • Jared M

    I think preteen ministry is a perfect ministry for collaboration. It's more of a both/and situation. However, I think the greater responsibility falls to the youth ministry, as I think most preteens desire to belong to that community more than the younger community. I don't think we need another department, just a more diverse strategy.

    • jcisonline

      Great comment Jared! I think aiming older is always a great idea!

  • Wendy

    I think it has to blend the best of both worlds. After all it is the transition from one to the other and both ministries will be fantastic in speaking into the lives of these kids during this time.

    • jcisonline

      I agree. Should their be specific responsibilities from both Children's and Students????

  • Dusty

    We just recently shifted our Preteen Ministry out of Children's and into Youth/Student Ministry. Practically it is a standalone ministry, but planning wise we've decided to consider 5th – 12th in our Youth Ministry Spiritual Maturity Model. I will be having a 5th & 6th Grade specific ministry on Sunday with our own events, but we will be having more cross over in terms of style and speakers with the youth ministry. We are just jumping in and excited to see how it goes / where it leads! :)

    • jcisonline

      Dusty, that is probably the most similar to ours that I know of. Would love to chat if you get some time. DM me some info @jcisonline