My life in 2010

2010-year in review
So taking a cue from Matt today I wanted to give a my life in 2010 post.

First of all like Matt, I have some things that are the same and God willing never change. My relationship with God has grown immensely especially over the last few months from failures and also some successes. My wife and I still love each other very much and she astounds me everyday with her wisdom and grace. My dog is still a nuisance but at least he’s the lovable kind, I think.

  • I moved positions from Elementary Production Director to being over Preteen Ministry (which is in our student department). It’s been great. My role is changing a bit again this year and I’m taking more of a leadership role in our Student Department as we are transitioning to more of a team model.
  • I was just licensed as a Pastor. This is something that I have dreamed of for a long time and more challenge for the road ahead.
  • We bought our first house! This part has been crazy awesome. I got some wise counsel and sort of felt as if we stole the house. We bought the house for almost $25,000 below appraisal value. Never been lived in, until the last few weeks with us in it. Straight blessing from God.
  • I’ve made some mistakes. I hope they continue to make me better. A few of them have already served me well.
  • We cut out cable tv and instead rock a digital antenna and netflix. Hopefully an internet tv will come out so we can pay for only what we watch. (My reading has at least tripled this year because of this move, fwiw)
  • I am beginning to understand the above and beyond reproof that I heard a ton about as a teenager in church. Much more difficult than I ever could have imagined.
  • Made some great new friends, I’m looking at you Patricks, and dove deeper into relationships with others.
  • I asked more questions than ever. Mike Hepola is continuing to teach me how to do this masterfully.
  • I named a church. It was sort of a joke, but it’s true. And my friend Josh Bradley is going to amazing things for a city that he adores. If you are near Woodruff, SC then DO NOT MISS ELEMENT CHURCH

Some thoughts that I hope to see happen in 2011:

  • More school: Grad or Seminary not sure yet. Eyeing a Master in Christian Ministry but I’m trying to figure out if I’m just scared of the M.Div. If you have advice, I’ll listen.
  • I’ve thought about changing this blog 1oo times. This might be the year. We’ll see.
  • I’ve got a book idea I’m thinking about writing. Seriously. I think it’ll be fun.

Join in the fun give us a life update and post the link here.