New Preteen Curriculum – The Power of Influence

power of influence

I have written another series for and this is the best one yet! If you are interested you can get the Power of Influence and a series by Matt Morgan called Under Pressure for just $45!! If you think that’s a deal that you want to snag, just go to  and purchase it there.

I wrote the Power of Influence to help preteens understand that they are influenced and influence others. Ultimately, if our preteens are influenced by the gospel of Christ, they will begin to transform others to be influenced by the gospel as well.

It’s an awesome series and one that I hope that you will enjoy and find useful for your church setting!


Let me know if you pick it up and how it goes at your preteen ministry!!

  • Nick Diliberto

    JC, thanks again for writing the series. It really is a fantastic series for preteens. The response so far from other preteen leaders has been amazing!