Orange Conference 2013

The Orange Strategy from Orange on Vimeo.

This week is Orange Week. It’s an opportunity for a few bloggers to share why you should come to the Orange Conference. For me Orange is special. I’ve met some people that I know more about now than ever before and there are talks that I will remember for a long time. I still remember hearing Reggie Joiner for the first time and my heart reverberated for the family along with his.

Orange has a special place in my heart and is the place that really gave me a chance to share preteen ministry with a ton of leaders by giving me a shot at hosting a breakout last year. It was so much fun!

Tune in this week and let me know by posting a comment if there is some question that you have about the Orange strategy or even how to implement it in a preteen environment.

Here are a few reasons why Orange is really something I look forward to every year:

1. Friends to learn from

There are some people that have influenced the way that I think and do ministry. I follow them from afar and plan to make inroads to knowing a few better. Some are pretty close geographically now. Ultimately you have to take a chance at listening and getting to know people.

Having people outside of your core group allow your thoughts to be challenged and push you to grow. This is something I love.

2. New products and Ideas

One of the most underrated things about conferences is their sponsorship lineup. Why? Because it allows you to see some new things that you might have missed in the past or have never seen or heard of before.

Take an opportunity to see all the new ideas and stuff that is out there. It might cause you to rethink what you do.

3. Jumpstart

For some it’s an emotional jumpstart for your team, for others it’s a place to jumpstart a barren mind of innovation for your ministry. It’s a break from your routine and that provides opportunity for a jumpstart in our connection with God, the way we think about ourselves and our ministries.