My 2012 Orange Conference Breakout

I was given an opportunity to talk about Preteen Ministry this year at the Orange Conference. I was so thankful to connect with over 300 leaders who desired to talk about the challenges and opportunities that this age group presents. If you were at my session please give me a comment below so I can say hi and thank you!!


My breakout was really sort of an overview of why the conversation needs to be bigger than just Children’s Ministry or bigger than just Youth ministry. How can you look at the students and the context that God has placed you in at your church and make the most of this unique age group.


Here are some things that might help you out:

My Keynote Presentation:

Make the most of Tweens (PDF format)


Preteen Ministry websites:


Curriculums that I’ve used: (geared toward Preteens!!)

252 Basics


If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!!

  • Sabine

    Hello JC, thanks for sharing your experience and your heart and passion for this age group with us today. I found it helpful and thrilling what you told us about serving opportunities and the way you coach your preteens in that. In our church (in Switzerland) we are also discovering more and more how much involving them matters – to them and to us! Your workshop encourages me to risk more. ;-)

    • JC

      Thanks for coming!! So cool to be able to share some stuff about Preteen Ministry!!