Planning for 2013

When it comes to planning, I’ve ebbed and flowed over the past few years on how much to plan and how much to wait to plan. Sometimes you get killer inspiration for something that is really trendy. Other times planning releases you to do more because you’ve planned.

So when it comes to this year I’ve got some resolutions that I’ve been working on. I’ve tried to limit it to 5. Here they are:

  1. Become a runner again – I miss running and really want to begin this habit again. Something about running helps me unwind and helps my body become fit.
  2. Begin a new blog project – I’m scared of this one because it’s scary. With Kristen now at home, our income and spending had to change and so losing money on projects isn’t necessarily something I’m excited about. Plus this tax scare is changing our planning for this year as well. But I’m also scared of not doing this new ¬†project justice. I need to get started though. It’s important.
  3. Write my first book – I’ve got a few ideas that I’m trying to see if they continue to move me. One doesn’t stick out right now but hopefully one will rise to the top.
  4. Establish some family values – I want us to have a list of values that we live by before Cannon gets old enough to define his own. I can’t wait to have these defined. Pumped for this one.
  5. Serve my wife more than ever before – hoping to give her a day every week to sleep in and also a night every month to spend with her friends.

Those are my plans. I’m still working on specifics but will let you know those when I get them solidified.

What are your 2013 plans?