Series Ideas for your preteen ministry

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Every so often, I plan out a time to just go over some of the ideas that I’ve taken in Evernote or in my notebook and organize. This past week I went through a bunch of series ideas that I have though about.

Some we’ve done at Switch and some we haven’t and probably never will. Feel free to take these on as your own!

In Switch, we do series that fall under 3 categories and so I organize them that way.

1. Identity

  • Good Enough – battle against MTD, aka Moral Therapeutic Deism. We are currently in the middle of this series.
  • Who Am I? – series on purpose. Created, Converted, Commissioned
  • The Mission – series on the Purpose Driven Life, we are doing this Adventure Week this year.
  • Two-Faced – wearing masks, why and what do they look like
  • Insta-fame – series on social media and it’s influences on culture. Everybody can be famous

2. Relationships

  • But, they… – How to respond to others. Conflict, Drama, and Bullying
  • My crazy family – yep, on the family, specifically that everyone’s is crazy.
  • Family, Friends and Foes – brief overview of 3 different relational roles that kids are dealing with.

3. Choices

  • How to – deal with doubt, talk about Jesus, pray, read the bible
  • Bullying, How can I stop it
  • Being salt & light
  • Controlling the tongue


  • Duck Dynasty – we did a series on Duck Dynasty recently and it was a huge hit. Might post some resources if people are interested
  • Tebowing – a look at Christian culture (thought this would be a really fun series to do, think Left Behind, Christian Music, etc.)
  • Church Wars – why are there so many churches? Why do they talk bad about each other? Aren’t we all the same family?

Any of these interest you? What series are you doing in your preteen ministry?

  • Kathie Phillips

    Hi JC,

    I have not thought of doing “themes” for our scope and sequence. What sources do you pull your curriculum from?

    • J.C. Thompson

      Lots of places. We write our own and we use:

      Do you use any of those?