Promotional Idea for Church Camp

belly flop at summer camp
i love summer camp

Camp promos are one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. I love to talk about why camp is awesome. These two videos are how we chose to promote our week long Adventure Week (VBS on steroids program for this year. I’m in love with these videos :)

[tentblogger-youtube J2IwTQKQrPc]

[tentblogger-youtube 2G4MBFrNyag]

Huge shout out to Chris Brank Films. He’s a boss and makes these videos look amazing!! We took a leaf blower and a sweet camera and put some cool slow-mo edits on this bad boy and made them look fantastic. So proud of these videos.

What are your thoughts? Best summer camp promo you’ve ever seen is…

Leave em in the comments.