Ultimate Small Group Leader Resource Kit

Ultimate Small Group Leader Resource Kit

So I’m not great at a lot of things, but finding things and retaining where they are is something that I am really good at. So for a long time I’ve wanted to create the Ultimate Small Group Leader Resource Kit for Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry. I know that nowadays you need to turn this into an ebook and get people to subscribe to a newsletter in order to really make it help your blog…

But I just don’t want to do it that way, so this kit will always be up above under resources. I hope that you find it useful. Be sure to let me know if there is something that I’ve missed.

This isn’t a list of all the resources out there, as much as it is a list of things that you will want to know for Children’s and Student Ministry. I have used or have had each of these resources strongly recommended to me.

Most links are affiliate links from Amazon. So if you purchase from Amazon after clicking one of these links, I get a little kickback.

A few of my files to help your group

STUDENT PROFILE (Questions to Discover things about your students)
MY TOP THREE (things that they’d like for you to attend)
C-Group Expectations (Rules for your Small Group)

Books/Training for Small Group Leaders

Lead Small (highly recommend!!)
The Big Book on Small Groups
The Seven Deadly Sins of Small Group Ministry: A Troubleshooting Guide for Church Leaders
Leading Life-Changing Small Groups-paperback
Creating Community: Five Keys to Building a Small Group Culture
Coaching Life-Changing Small Group Leaders: A Practical Guide for Those Who Lead and Shepherd Small Group Leaders
Small Groups with Purpose: How to Create Healthy Communities


Children’s Ministry (includes Preteen Ministry stuff)

PreteenMinistry.net (love, love, love for preteens)
Grapple (Sunday School Resource)
First Look (Preschool)
252 Basics (Children’s Ministry)
Superstart (Preteen)
Hillsong BIG (Children’s Ministry)
Lifechurch.tv (FREE!)
Kids on the Move (FREE!)

Youth Ministry

LIVE Curriculum from Simply Youth Ministry(mostly what we use!)
Simply Youth Ministry (Love them!)
Church on the Move


Card/Board Games

Hasbro Electronic Catch Phrase
Monopoly Deal Card Game
Uno Card Game
Trivial Pursuit Master Edition
Scrabble Slam Cards
Apples to Apples

Active Games

Spikeball. 2 on 2. Intense. Fast.
Kan Jam
Charade Relay

Game Websites

The Source 4 YM
60 Youth Ministry Games for $15
Youthmin.org Games
YouthLeaderStash.com Games


Children’s Ministry

Inside Northpoint Kids
Children’s Ministry Online
Sam Luce
Gina McClain
Jenny Funderburke
Jonathan Cliff
Lead Small Blog

Preteen Ministry

JC is ONLINE (that’s me!)
Matt Morgan
Mike’s Memos

Youth Ministry

Doug Fields
Terrace Crawford
More than Dodgeball
Kevin Moore
YouthMinistry360 Blog
Youth Leader Stash

So that’s the list so far…

Let me know if you have any more suggestions.