Rice Krispies Treats commercial and Preteen Ministry

This new commercial immediately screamed new parental responsibilities for parents that have Preteens or tweens. The commercial involves a student trying to break away from his mom and begin his first day of school. Mom trying to protect her son and make sure he’s prepared lets him go. He gets to his locker and realizes he forgot the combination to his locker. Luckily his mom wrote his combo on a rice krispies treat package.

I immediately saw 10-12 year old boys everywhere with some sort of a similar scenario playing out in their life. I know simple, but again. Giving that child a little more freedom but still helping guide them in life is one of the major themes in Preteen Ministry. Doesn’t seem like an easy thing to know your child well enough, that you know your son is going to forget his locker combination. But I think that relationship that mom has with son, she knows exactly what he needs and she allows him to exercise a little bit of freedom.

So Parents of Preteens and Preteen Ministry workers, remember to help parents and kids learn some responsibility by the way you communicate, the processes you build, and the relationships that you develop.

Now did the commercial say all that? No, maybe I’m just excited about Switch and the opportunities to speak about this transition that both kids and parents are navigating :)

  • susan melton

    trying to find out who the mother is that plays in this commercial. any help will be appreciated.

    • R.C.

      Her name is Andrea. I don’t remember her last name. We both attended the same High School. Hope this helps you out.