Preteens and Summer

image via Orange42

This probably might be your preteen. Anxious and ready for summer to come. I have so many fond memories of summer break. Sports, water, the beach, vacation, camps, etc. But if there is one word that comes to mind about preteens and summer, it’s the word “bored”.

At some point with the excitement of summer coming and the tests that school gives to put a nice bow on the school year, we forget to make plans for what to actually do during the summer.

This year we are going to help this for our preteens! We are compiling a checklist of activities for them to take place in. Basically a ton of activities for them to accomplish during the summer. There isn’t a plan for a prize or a contest being made out of the checklist. We just want our students to dream big of the things that they can accomplish during the summer months.

So here are some things to think about as you are planning your summer for your preteen ministry or your own preteen.

  1. Ways to beat the heat – think of some fun ways to give your preteens opportunities to beat the heat.
  2. Community – What ways are you planning for the community that your preteen is a part of? Small Groups, sports teams, and neighborhoods are all examples of areas to plan for.
  3. Volunteer Opportunities- What ways can your preteen serve this Summer? What groups do they want to focus on serving?
  4. Fun – What are some things that you preteen would just eat up? One Direction concert, Backyard campout and cooking dinner for the family are just a few different kinds of fun that your preteen might enjoy
  5. Make memories – As baby Cannon is on the way, this is something that I have been dreaming about for my own son. What can you do to make a memory that will last a lifetime? Summer Campis definitely in the mix here!

What are some things that you are planning for your preteens this summer?