I made the Top 50 Family Ministry Blogs of 2013!!


So I was reading Sam Luce’s blog today and I found out that I am in the Top 50 Family Ministry Blogs of 2013!! I’m super excited and am even more excited about an awesome list. Be sure to check out the Top 50 Family Ministry blogs of 2013!


We made #35 on the list! I don’t know how other than the great people that read this site! Thanks so much for sharing and commenting. I guess this means I’ll keep writing this thing!


  • http://gravatar.com/mzmsam samluce

    Appreciate you JC! Thanks for your encouragment and for adding your voice and creative ideas to the kids and youth ministry world.

    • http://jcisonline.com J.C. Thompson

      Thanks Sam! I’m thankful for your continual reminder of the importance of the gospel. Even from afar, I consider you very wise. Thanks!