Top Ten Reasons you should vote for

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So I’m pretty sure that I’m an underdog in this competition. Given my age and Geographic location, and the fact that I’m neither a conference or an editor of an ridiculously awesome magazine like K! Mag you should vote for me :)

The competition is being hosted at and you can place your votes here

I’m taking the advice of a tweet that @mattmckee sent out (who is also in the competition). He talked about having fun when you blog and that people connect with you rather than your content. So I’m gonna have a blast cheesing it up for this completely for fun only competition.

So here it goes: I’m stopping your normal content and taking you to cheeseville for a week. Hope you enjoy the ride!!!!

Here are the top ten reasons you should vote for

10. I am the closest in this competition to the age of a child. It helps me connect with kids :)
9. I love animals and small children in no particular order.
8. I voted for your favorite blogs you should return the favor :)
7. I do a great Blue from Blue’s Clues impression that preschoolers love!
6. I have the same initials as Jesus
5. Kenny Conley lives in Texas and I don’t… Help me out!!!
4. I enjoy Macaroni Crafts
3. I have a counselor who is also a puppet.
2. I have the same initials as Jesus.
1. Orange is a philosophy that I believe in, even if it’s the worst color in the world :)

So there are a ton more reasons like maybe you got something that’s been helpful from this blog.

Regardless of the cheese this week, I am totally thankful to be in a friendly competition that says: this blog has some value to people. So game face on let’s do this!

  • Wayne Stocks

    I love it. It takes shameless self-promotion to a whole new level! You definitely have my vote! Though, techically as a 4th seed with the top four going through from each division, I'm not sure you're an underdog. You do have some stiff competition from the 3 seeds above you though! Not like those of us who are fifth seeds (read DAD IN THE MIDDLE) in, say, the Eastern Division. Now, that is an underdog position! So, to piggy-back on your on your shameless act of self-promotion, I want to encourage people to go vote for your blog and take a second to vote for DAD IN THE MIDDLE (that's 5th seed – Eastern Division) while they're there. I, too, am not from Texas – though I did experiment with Texas while I was in High School. Now, I think I've taken shameless self-promotion to a new level myself!

    In all seriousness though, good luck to you! I love your blog!

    • jcisonline

      I have voted for you as well.

      Your blog is amazing Wayne and I appreciate the hard work you put into it.

  • Tamera Kraft

    I voted for you although techically you have your initials the same as Jesus listed twice. Now you can vote for me. Revival Fire For Kids because I'm probably the oldest in the competition, I love animals and children, and I hate anything to do with crafts. But puppets are my best friends. :)

    • jcisonline

      I totally listed it twice on purpose because of how cool a fact it is :) And I am most definitely voting for you, your blog is awesome!!!

  • Kenny

    So what is number 5 supposed to mean? How would not living in Texas earn you extra votes? Do you realize per capita how many churches are in Texas? JC… don't mess with Texas!

  • tarzan

    you definitely have my vote!

  • Matt McKee

    Thanks for the shout out. I hope you win. No seriously, I hope you win.

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    • JC

      there should be a link at the bottom but I think that it comes from it’s called evolution. It hasn’t changed much from the original template. I did make some overall content changes….sizing of pictures, text size… yada yada yada.

      Thanks for the comment!!

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