Helping Leaders in Student Ministry

Video 2…late hehe

Drop your comment below. Let me know which cheesy thing you would keep….

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And for Dad in the Middle and Matt Mckee.


  1. I'd keep puppets over flannel

  2. Have to go with puppets over flannel graph. I am an avid flannel graph hater. My take is that if you can make a 1 dimensional piece of felt engaging for kids you most likely don't need the piece of felt to engage them. Voted for you BTW.

  3. J.C.,

    Great video. I hope it put you over the top. The second round won't be the same if you don't pull through! By my count, you need 16 more votes right now to take over the fourth spot and move on, so I am officially going to put out the word for you.

    Thanks for mentioning Dad in the Middle.

    By the way, I lived in Texas for years, not so sure about the business card idea, but I wouldn't put it by Kenny to brand a cow with "Vote For Kenny" and send off through the campus of UT.

    Take care!

  4. Oh, and flannel graph if forced to choose. I've never used it, but I think if you played up the cheese factor of it all, you could sell it to the kids!

  5. I know your campaign didn't turn out the way that you would have hoped, but I think you should keep the cheese factor up. It cracked me up all week.

    Also, I'm a flannel over puppets as well.

    And much props on all the shout outs. Those are much appreciated. If you don't mind I will use your sign this week for Sign Wednesday. That is a classic.

    Can't wait to hang out at Orange this year.

    • no problem Matt, it was totally fun. feel free to use it. I pulled it off the interwebs as well. Keep doing what you are doing. Loved the reviews on SXSW! You rock!

  6. you don't need to post this, but Alaska is the largest state in the union.Can't wait to see ya'll.Rico is looking better.CU

  7. I say flannel, but with a preface. We currently use some puppets in our early childhood area, but I'm hoping to move us away from the puppets in the near future. I saw we'd keep flannelgraph, but rather than the cheesy, 1800 style anglo-american looking Bible characters, I'd have some custom flannels made, maybe of Anime Bible Characters. They'd be much cooler looking people and I'd have random flannels made as well, like a can of Dr. Pepper (made in TX btw) or a mousetrap. That way I'd randomly work them into a Bible story and let the kids figure out what didn't fit into the story. Seriously, teaching kids needs to have elements of fun and humor and there's absolutely nothing funny or fun about flannelgraphs.

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