What is the most important thing in your ministry programming?


Besides Jesus Christ being lifted up every single time through example and word, there is only one other thing that is necessary in your ministry programming.
That thing is change.
So here is my quote:
“The only thing that should be constant in your ministry programming is change.” -J.C. Thompson
I’ve thought so much about this over and over. This rings true for Youth, Preteen, and Children’s Ministry and even adults (especially if you want to reach a younger generation).

I really don’t think anything besides those two are essential: Worship (eh?), Games (nah), or Giveaways (hmm). I think that you could say teaching at this point, but is there a way to lift Jesus up through word and deed without the teaching segment? Maybe not.

Before I spill all of my thoughts, what do you think? Is something else essential in ministry programming?