Hiring World Changers

I know this might seem crazy to some of you. But in my new role, I’ve got some people to hire. How can I hire world changers with limited resources? How can I hire people to change the world with only a part time position?

This will seem crazy but it’s my only possible strategy.


That’s it. I have no second option. We will work hard and grill people with intense interview questions. We will make a great job description and will put on our best faces when we meet with prospective candidates. Our culture is healthier than ever. But hiring world changers part time with little pay? Impossible.


I truly believe in the power of prayer. So I’m praying that God sends us world changers who develop other world changers to work for not that much and for only a few hours but are willing to work hard to change the world.

Praying that in the middle of a tough economy, God provides.

That’s option A.

What are some of the things that I should be thinking about when hiring people besides offering prayers to the Almighty?

  • http://anchoringfaith.wordpress.com anchoringfaith

    Not impossible! I thought so too, but I was just given the same opportunity and task and I found a WONDERFUL person who is willing to do ministry part time for little compensation. Her heart is so on fire to help children grow and to equip them to share Christ! Praying with you – It will happen!!!

    • http://jcisonline.com J.C. Thompson

      Thanks so much. We are excited to get rolling. Believing God for amazing people!